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Bad Company

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The Prague - Czech Republica
Your friend is delayed
He will be here
If... Also I have other subjects
I, personally, am responsible for this man
Ah, Good, I trust you Michael, but...
... you will see, that each degrading separation it takes to a degrading uncertainty
Mr. Turner
Mr. Vass
The KGB once tried to tend a trap to me
So I had to kill to three of its agents and soon to dedicate to me to hunt to its families
The point is, that if I feel something outside order aqui '...
No, the point is here that I have not seen anything of You still...
... to justify the payment of 20 million dollars, so...
... before it comes off to me a small fortune, and risks my life...
... I want to know in 100% that You. it really can, to give the device
That is the point
Very well
Michelle..., the manual of the proprietors
It is this one his indication of good faith?
Good, You follow with life That test that the data show good faith
And now, What You have you stop my '?
The payment of the arms A million dollars
Then, When I obtain the device?
Let us say 10 days
Michael, takes that telephone, and I will call to you and say as you must come
We will be watching you all along
And as far as You Sir...
... the next time that we are, I suggest to him... that is precise.
Pretty shelter
Well fact
I will see you soon
- All good until now? - Yes, until now
- They follow Kevin in the city. - It is Vass?
No, they do not seem Russian. Nor they shine friendly
- Better we return by him. - he is not authorized to put in risk our concealment, Sir
Tour to the left. Tour to the left!
They are pushing it towards the castle of the steps, Sir.
You cannot go more express!
We go!
Down, down!
Down, down!
There this '! Estaciónate to a side!
You are risking the mission
You are the mission
God! That was close!
It dresses where were?
Main quarters of the company - Langley, Virginia
Macabre personality, extreme desperation...
The order for a nuclear pump was given to him and to it load in its suitcase?
Kevin spent 2 years approaching these people...
... to position it to You like the buyer
Vass will not accept more to anybody We are 9 to obtain that this works
It seems that the desperation is the daily routine
Perhaps Vass tended a trap to him to Kevin
I believe that it is a rival buyer. They can be Pakistani, Chechenios, Nor-Korean
- Libyan... - It could be all Middle East
Mr. Vass is a businessman, he would not take the money from anyone
Then, Why they killed Kevin, if they could only it have struck?
Because it had the deepest pockets, that is the reason. In order to push it out of play
Who you think that it is?
Good, with all the wars you cold finished these boys no longer wave flags, now only...
... they give financings to the terrorism, globally
Good, whoever that he is, he wants to eliminate the competition, and to force to Vass to that he negotiates with them
So, the future of this call "free world", it rests in the hands of this... young man
J Haise. Tickets Big Tap What is that you want with himself.
Yankees in the third line, Nicks already this closed,
Rangers this in the top Masters I will put to you in "Teeth of Tiger", this good?
It does not concern what you want, you with himself
Tickets Big Tap
What you need? Oh, we go man!
You were three hours stops to bet against the Lakers?
That happens in each game
It bets to the Lakers, 8:50, you please to me
I have the section, 24-99, 12 of return in the field
Just behind Woody-Woody Spike, I believe that they are together I am watching, oh, if now memory
It waits for a second
That so, Tickets Big Tap, J.K. What is you want it?
Don King... I cannot do that
J. Haise. Tickets Big Tap
Mr. Johnson He is going to go tonight to the game, or goes to --?
Your game is a nastiness The buttock is kicking you
You do not watch me to me Your you are the one that does not know like moving your bishop
Ahhhhhhhh, your you lose!
Well, then I give $400 you by the gratuity
- Hey J, we go by one rodaja - Delay a second
Holaaaaaa, Tickets Big Tap
Hey...! No, I cannot go, I cannot go
Always working
Hello affection, what happens?
This good, I go to recogerte of the work and we will speak everything on the subject
I also love to you. Good bye
I must go to gather my girl, friend Let us review this
Your you will do this, right? And I am going to do this, and your...
... you will do this, and later I will do this, and...
and your you will want to do this, but I am going to do this and...
... when your you think about doing this, I am going to do this...
... and soon the game was finished. It give 20 dollars now me and we saved 20 minutes
You do not only know the chess as contact sport, no?
With whom this meeting?
A nurse of AIDS patients Estan together for 3 years and...
... it lost to its sister and his brother-in-law in June of this year
- Surprising the similarity with Kevin, Gentleman - Yes
I am seeing a ghost
Not '... I do not know how you are going to react
Oh we go, waits for a minute
I had to know it
The balanceantes movements, the increase of weight
What increase of weight?
You are pregnant. You are pregnant
I want that all they know it
Hey, all! My woman this by to have a baby and we are going away to marry
I am not pregnant
Your you know that we do not have to marry to us. The marriage is a great step
We would have to wait for a time, good, your you know...
I am going away to change to Seattle
Seattle like... ... Seattle, the Supersonic Seattle
That is..., that is... enough distant spot
I have one supplies to work there
What type of work you are going to obtain in Seattle that you cannot obtain in New York?
A friend mine of the Junior College called and...
- Who? - Keneth
Your Keneth ex--fiancè?
Sight, he is administrator in a company alli '... and me ofrecio ' - -
- Then you are leaving me and you returning with Keneth... - No!
You are leaving me?
More or less, but it is not --
Then, you are leaving me and you are returning with Keneth, that was, no?
The part of Ken is only businesses
And what starts off me you are leaving then, to please?
Your sister put all this to you in the head I never pleased to him
- they have been 3 years, Jake - I already know that they have been 3 years
And we are in the same situation in that we were when we knew ourselves
Inclined to marry to us, but not married
To marry to us. We cannot occur the luxury to marry
And it does not seem sometimes as if it go to change
You know people poor, also house
I know it, but I do not feel with desire to fight with you every day because we are broken
The marriage is enough difficult already, without being poor
But, and what happened our love yet? What happened that romance yet?
Your you know that I love to you
But you are living in that fantasy... It is as if you were waiting for some class of miracle
I must live in the reality I am not going to be young by always.
Oh, already I see... You go to ponerte in the market while the merchandise still are fresh
You are acting as if you had a poster of victory in the forehead
We go, we go
I feel it, I feel it
You think that I like to live asi '?
Reselling tickets, falsifying checks, identifications of the those small clubs
I know it, I had to remain in the school, threw it to lose, I threw it to lose. I will return to the school
- I love to You, Jake - I also
But, I --
Then, When you go away?
In a pair of weeks
But... We will speak before that
So that '?
Hey that so, man?
- What happens? - July left me
- I feel It. I must go to me, but we see ourselves tomorrow - It is well
Hey, acquittal that nastiness or I go to have to dismiss your buttock
That is!
July, July, I feel it Oh, pardon... Tickets Big Tap
Yes, why game?
But, how much you want to spend?
Yes, I can obtain it
Then, what you have?
Where demons are that?
- Thank you very much, now... he váyase - What he is
- Hey friend. Bájate - Hey, what happens. Hey, what happens? Hey, hey, hey!
We go man! What is happening?
- We go, we go, we go! - Relájate
They know the horrible thing that it was to come in taxi until aqui '?
I hope that they give aventón me to the return!
I know that they are police What need... money?
Oh, already I understood Killed a fulano and now they need a suspect?
Mr. Haise J. K. Haise?
I am the Oaks official That is the Seill official
The Swanson official The Kaerugg official
Company, why he is this? Cracks in my buttock?
They are going to arrest to me to resell tickets?
We only want to speak to him about I scare
About which '?
About its brother
They have the mistaken man I not even have a brother
That is only one photo of me in a suit They could obtain it in Internet
There is a photo of blue doors with 3 cats in Internet
Very well. 8 September of 1970 Valview hospital, You take care of of New York
A woman with the name of Mary Jeffries, she gave light to identical binoculars...
... But she underwent complications during the work...
-... and she died on the following day - and what has about the father?
Thomas B. Jeffries. He presumes himself with life We are about to to find out it
The State chose to separate the binoculars, but one of them, Jake, - that you are your...
... it was diagnosed with a severe infection in the lungs
still you have the scar in the chest of the mark of the incision
The administrator of the hospital remade the registry of the boy so that he had better opportunities of adoption
Given to Bill Clade Roger and Glenda Pope, that they accepted to take to his position to Kevin Jeffries
Pope never knew, Kevin never knew it
Then, I have a twin brother, great thing
What has to do the company with this? What could not send a letter to me?
His brother is dead
A helicopter accident
We needed its aid Mr. Haise
His brother was working in something with us
My twin brother was of the company?
Yes, one took care of an operative one Just before dying, he fixed a treatment
What class of treatment?
One very important one
Then we needed that it supplants it... ... only briefly
- To try that I am he? - Yes
- By how long? -9 days
9 days it is not a suplencia. One hour is a suplencia. 9 days it is like going in tour
- It is east dangerous subject? - certain risk Can have
What class of risk? A risk like of bad credit?
- Or a risk of one bleats in the buttock? - well it will be compensated
By one it bleats in the buttock, I hope that there is a great compensation
- How much? - Póngale I number
- a trillion of dollars - it is exceeded
Good, I do not know whereupon "butchers" are working You.
- Good we were thinking about one base original we say... 25,000 dollars -50.000
Yes, 50.000. I suppose that if began with 25,000..., so I know that it must have much more
It does not have to give all its money me 50.000
This is what I am thinking Mr. Haise
With 50,000 dollars it can marry with his July fiancèe It can go to the school. It will not have to go to Seattle
She will not have to work with Keneth.
Very well. This is what I am thinking
You will give 50,000 dollars me, duty free
This good. 50,000 dollars, without the taxes After the work this fact
Half now. Half later
10.000 now. 40.000 later
Hey, my mother could have trillizos
It will give 10,000 now me. 90.000 later
It is well. You have a treatment
Then, when we began?
This it is the file of its brother, estúdialo
- So this is the task for the home? - Recreation - This good
Déjame to see... Died in New York like result of an interchange of stabs
Mother taken to the cut directly in the ' 97 She had to be pleasant
This people for will stab could not hope until the supper
Accident in the preparatory one I replace Dugg agent incapable to carry out the roll
- Thus it is - But that happened, he was too great?
By a skylight... So my brother was really small, eh?
Devils, the company are cheap
They will have at least to give bed me of so large double, that it is a this cucheta?
Hey, what means the one of the signboard: "Záchod - Zach Hoat -"
It is the Czech word for "bath". You will find rooms labeled with foreign translations
So that '? - Because the treatment will be carried out in the Czech Republic
- Czech Republic? - You got it a dictionary
How I make to obtain an external line? I need that somebody feeds my cat
You do not have an external line And, not even you have a cat
This good And what assumes that I must be doing aqui '?
There is a tape in the Videocasetera It is a video of your brother
Míralo. The way in which it speaks, and the way in which one moves
I know that there is much to do here, but we are everything behind you
We will begin in the morning
- You have some question? - Yes
If my brother were as much as well as a genius... ... How he is that he is dead?
-5 A.M. - I will be ready to 5 A.M.
Then from here, which are ours chances
- Good, it would say that between negative and zero - Why you say that?
Good, I recognize that it has potential, is quite intelligent...
... and in 6 months until it can deceive to the own parents of its brother...
... but in 8 days, we go, you must be joking
Probably it is dead in this operation, and it puts in risk to that goes with him
You would like to be replaced in the mission?
So that '? These saying that you will follow ahead with or without my '?
If, that is indeed what I am saying
Good, Mr. Cua'ndo I say to him what this mission surrounds?
Good, if outside You, as rapidly as possible
It does not forget to omit nothing that cannot use, and nothing that can jump at the mistaken moment
That this doing now?
It is studying. We said to him that it learned some phrases nail in Czech
It seems dedicated
What this saying?
It said: "I have not had my period in three months"
- and now, that '? #WAARDE!
If, this will be really interesting I cannot hope to begin
Levántense, is a shining day. 5 A.M. and all this good
That so, 3 hours but of dream, and some breakfast?
That so one showers fresh?
Hey, hey....!!! What is what happens to you?
Good morning
Today we will be covering Basic protocols of Operations...
... in accusation of the foreign access
A procedure that we like to call: "the 3 eyes"
Identifying the target... ... Initiating the contact...
... And making impenetrable to the computer science network
- and as you feel? - This me incomoda a little...
... I feel like Michael Jackson, concealed by doubles
That is to say, it watches this man. He sees himself like I, but I am not
- If - Then, what it liked to do?
Means, what class of sports it liked? What type of music listened?
It liked music. It liked the Jazz, and Classic music
Classic, how Rum Dimsey?
- it did not like the Rap. - Oh, we go...
... To that brother of 29 years it does not like just a little bit of Rap?
Rap did not listen.
Then... What class of sports practiced?
- It skied. - OK. Tenemos: ski, navy, nothing of Rap
We had much in common
- Sir... - At what time?
This good. Thanks
Then, what happens between your and Swanson?
- That '? - Oh, we go man. I saw that something happened there
Something happens, we go... Mírate, these ruborizando to you
It matters to him if I say to something Mr. to him Haise?
My friends... The official Seill, the Swanson official, has faith in you
I no. And that creates a problem... ... because these so involved with us now...
... That we will never be able dejarte to go
Then, better you learn these things And you know everything to it for the 05:00 in the morning
- Or that '? - Or I will kill to you
Hey... we can begin hours late but tomorrow?
- Vístete - They are the 4:59 A.M.
Agítalo. The tonality checks. Huélelo. And pruébalo
- Good morning Mr. Haise. 5:00 A.M. - No, they are the 5:01 A.M.
Pope. Kevin Pope
Watch this. Hey, I have initials in my suit The only thing which it knew of my suit is that it felt smooth
They say: "M. T." Why he is that?
Michael Turner
- But I thought that it was Kevin Pope. - Kevin Pope is Michael Turner
Michael Turner is the concealed identity of Kevin Pope.
He is a very successful one, very informed, very falsified international negotiator in fine antiques
Good if I am J. K. playing being Kevin Pope, who plays being Michael Turner...
-... I would have to receive 2 checks - Health
This he is cogñac rare, very expensive What you think?
Dry, but never cautious It enchants your shirt to me
Of Egyptian emission
-3 days. Quite impressive - If, he is shining
I believe that she can do it
- spark Has - I said that he was shining, not that was able to save the world
Let us test true to him
- How that? - Mándalo to New York. Ponlo in the department of Kevin
It leaves them neighboring, the doorman, all give a look him
To see if they are thought that he is Michael Turner
It could serve to us as double intention
Whoever that it has wanted to kill to Kevin like Michael Turner...
... probably it does not know that he is dead
It must continue looking for it
Then we took it, using it like bait. We maintain it in the dark
- it will be protected - What we say to him?
Dile that we are giving an opportunity him to practice that it is Kevin. That is everything what you need to say to him.
You are the head
You see the light truck before we? And the one that this behind?
Those are our men Here this I number of my cellular telephone
Úsalo if you put in any class of problem
- That problem class? - Any class
If I strike myself with a horseshoe, and I call, I speak to you with you. This good
Cálmate a little. Taking this. Cómprate shoes
- Mr. Turner, welcome again. - Thanks champion.
- How it was Europe? - Like another country.
They could put this in the MTV nastinesses
Devils, that this is "Top"
God... Sight which pays my the taxes
Here it is where comes my money, eh?
It could have the great celebration here
- What is that music? - That Rap thing - He is terrible
Jake is your neighbor of the floor of down, Mrs. Patterson
You do not forget the radio
Hello, Michael. Welcome again
- Débora. How these? - Either, or - Hey, Hello Anabella
We finished arriving, and the doorman said to us that you were of return
- Anabella I miss to you - Oh, you were too amiable
I was hoping desperately that you returned
- Oh, so that '? - Oh, by our small treasure... ... we go down and tell me if I must say good bye to him
- Oh, this good - Support to your drinks
- If, my it drinks - How it was your trip?
This is going to be a disaster
It gives a stroll, my sweet affection
That you think?
It is a good piece?
Ohhhh... She is exquisite
Oh, that you think? We go, tómala, siéntela... It sees how delicate is
Tómala, no? That is only abárrala and... tómala...
There he is where we put the trocitos of Doggy
Of course that knew that, only he was removing it from means...
-... thus I can see...... - the vase - the vase, of course
The vase, yes. Oh, I can ask how much you paid by this?
-550.000 - God mine... That they put to him inside, cocaine?
Deceit to the doorman, deceit to the neighbor and deceit to the dog of the neighbor
- That you want? - Oaks, we needed to know that this behind that pump
This ready to sacrifice it to find out it
You are not dramatic, has total protection
I will say to you when we will remove it
I hope that they are not watching this
I do not have to do this, nonSir?
Oh, no, oh not... Red code, red Code
Red code. Red code
There was an attack. Cover the access
Aid! Aid! Aid!
- They see here - Aid! Aid! Aid!
- Sir, goes to the roof - we needed It alive - Yes, Sir
Loose the knife!
Hey Elvis, loose the low knife and of there
Nobody goes to lastimarte
And well, who is going to go to review?
- Good, last the 10 minutes have served to teach to like leaving running and leaving the operation totally...
- Thrown to lose, Sir? - Thanks
We will find Sir
- If, where these? - In the corner of "It eats excrement" and "It vetoes the devil"
I am not going to leave you track the call. I will call given back to you
- I am clogged in a simple problem of transit -- - Dame that!
Very well, they obtain fingerprints, DNA, any thing with that we pruned to identify the man who jumped of the ceiling
Yes, Sir It seems like a gang member, gentleman
You do not worry for that reason They only find to Jake
- Jake... - Kevin was assassinated, as they want to me to assassinate my, right?
- Jake, déjame explicarte something... - No, no, no, demons
We lost it because we lay to him
No, you lost it because you lost it
We treated it like an idiot
He has right to knowing what we are doing with him
We are wasting time. Encuéntralo and tráelo of return. Your conscience evades
That my conscience evades
- If - Ah, hello, hello Pam, I am Jake I can speak with July?
She does not want to speak with you
Who this on the telephone?
Pam, I need to speak with July, please, please, is urgent
It is Jake? Déjame to speak with
She this leaving ahead
Dame the telephone
We did not need but Jake problems, you understand? And your you are not another thing that problems
- Pam... - Two men in suits were buscándote here
Dame the telephone
Hey, low a little the voice, low a little...
It is well, Oh... If July this there dile that the master and that Oaks and other kisses the buttock to me
- You were able to track it? - No
It hung the telephone
Mr. and Mrs. Haise, where they are... Where demons You are?
Breast, Breast, I am, am I, am I
- Jakie? - If, if, if, if... you do not break my arm
And that you were doing in the dark?
- this Is somebody looking for to me, and... - That you did?
- That you did? - I did not do anything
- That you did? - I did not do anything
I did not do anything!
It is not what you think. It is not the police
He is very long to explain...
Sight this...
8 adoptive children have come to my house throughout the years...
.. and everything has done something of their lives, and no tapeworm your potential
Oh, we go breast
- Reselling, falsifying, vagueando... - It sucks...
... Wise people who tapeworm a brother?
Oh, lets say madnesses You have many brothers
How this the pretty girl that I knew Christmas last?
- she left Me - Dame an umbrella so that golpearte can the ankles
Perhaps you know breast, was not my fault?
- You need money - No
- If, if, if. I need money
How much you need? Gain 250 dollars in bingo
It is... is only by a small time You I will give back it
If, I know it
- You want something of meat? - You know, really I must go to me
I am never going to leave single Jakie to you
You will do something that makes me feel truely proud a day
I know that you will do it
I must an excuse to you
You hear to me?
- Only I ask whichever people are listening to us - No, we are single
Without it has, without microphones. Only I.
- You have the plug - His brother was assassinated
By such types that came behind my, certain?
If, I suppose. Making the same work that beams your
That it is that '?
Its brother, as Michael Turner were to me helping to buy something in the black market
Cuban cigarettes, games for the Play Station 3, that '?
I will not say that to you until it does not know that you return to work with us
Good, I will not return with You if me they do not say it
His brother died saving my life, Wise person that?
He had to be of another way, but thus he is as he is
How they took its parents?
They did not say to him to the parents.?
No, it is as well as we want it
How you would feel if you died and nobody said to him to your wife?
I am not married
That spy Mrs. does not exist?
No longer, the relations and the affections are useless in this business
Then that is what is east work, even without they shoot to you, they clear the life to you
That it sounds chilling, but honestly I believe that the life is something much but great that we, and...
... I am offering you an opportunity of which you commit yourself with something
Me these not offering anything, except the opportunity of one bleat in my buttock
Not him encounter an important sense to that
- I will say to You what I am going to do - Thanks
I am going to go outside, I am going away to seat in the car and am going to count up to 10
If you want unirte to my, well. If no, I will say to him to the agency that I could not encontrarte
We cannot remove ahead this work without you
We needed to you
- and, you could evaluate it already? - No
"I am going to go outside and I am going to count up to 10"
Who demons are You?
He had not done it better if there were a dog put in the car
Oh if... Metete in the car... Dog!
This he is the man who treatment of matarte
Now we know that it is member of an organization multinational terrorist, sent by this man
He knows the man who killed your brother
Dugarlik Jonish
It is looked for to judge it by crimes against the humanity, They can capture it of the world anywhere, inclusively it was found guilty in its country, Yugoslavia
Llama to its movement the black hand
Their members fight until the death, become in suicidal soldiers to obtain its cause
The last year the FBI I capture 4 of these men in a hotel of Washington DC., with sufficient explosives like flying all the capital building
It does not like America, and it does not like your
A minute. That I did?
- You are your rival buyer... - For the device that this man must sell
The this Audrik Vass. He is Russian. Ex-Coronel of the Navy...
... involved in the Russian Mafia, this behind of prostitution, drugs and extorsion
It sounds like anyone of which they have gone to the school with me
This man is the right hand of Vass
Its name is Michelle Petrov, better well-known like "the hammer"
It remembers these faces, because you will be seeing them soon
So that they call "the hammer to him" to this man?
- That '? - Good afternoon! He is not this amused?
This it is a test of which we called "the attack surprise" to prove your weaknesses
That you can say to me about your attackers?
They woke up to me... Man watches, if I am going to spy, I am going to need my rest
Whatever were?
- I did not say that they woke up to me - If, that is the intention in an ambush, the next time we deal with advertirte
You understand what finishes just of sucederte now, no?
If, I were kidnapped
You are in panic?
When you thought that you were in danger, your brain was extinguished
Then, as it is the point to have a good one brain, if you cannot maintain operating it
My brain was not extinguished
It knew that it was Swanson because it could feel his sines in my back
It knew that it was Kaerugg, because its breath smells like horrible Probably to kiss buttocks all along
It knew that it was Seill, because it takes his wallet Hey Seill, Because a married man needs a preservative? Your wife knows it
- She wants to know as I knew that You were? - This good. Thanks. The game has finished
- Good night - Oh, where goes?
One is going away to go likewise, eh? Return
They woke up to me. Let us do something. We go to a Club or something
Based on our projection of intelligence and in technical manual proveído by Pope agent...
.. this it is the model of which You will be buying
- Can reproduce DVD's? - It is a portable thermonuclear weapon
Then, it is a pump? - It is a reproduction
The last year the true Russian suitcase-pump was robbed of a dismantled building, in European Mountains.
... Your brother has tracked them up to here We needed that you recover it
- That is what you must do - In addition to cagar to me in the trousers
The Prague - Czech Republica
Welcome to the Prague
It is looked like Nework
- Welcome again to the hotel Mr. Turner - Thanks
Mr. Turner, so I am pleased to have it of return, Sir.
- Thanks, Lampenka. I hope that it accompanies to me until my room. - Certainly no, Sir.
- She is beautiful - Its name is Lempka, but you finish it calling Lampenka, which means "inaccessible"
Man, is going to be difficult to return to Jersey
We will be in the room crossing the corridor
With cameras and it completes monitoring in this room
I already know it, when I go bathroom I press the button of "monitoring"
It only remains in the room. You do not have anything of which preocuparte
If, except by that small stupid idiot with the nuclear pump
This good. This is my completes class of instructions for you
Nothing will happen, until it calls. Unless I must recordarte from now on that...
... there is no Jake, is no Kevin. Only Michael Turner
Well, I believe that I am going to recostar itself and to be Michael Turner
I thought that perhaps you want to throw a look to him to this
Very well, that demons is what this doing now?
Hey, you want to share? - Beluga, gentleman. 12.000 crowns the portion
The celebration finished
No, the celebration just begins As soon as it finishes here, I am going to have my bath of buttock
- This small chanchito went to the supermarket... - Asegúrate to put my initials in the big toe
One does not know the feet of whom they are these
That is Vass Where this the cellular telephone?
Telephone, telephone, telephone, telephone, telephone
Shhh... Hello...
If, we will be there
It was Vass The treatment will be in one hour
Now, your eye. Right sight in the screen of the computer
Delay by the confirmation
Very well, that is everything
- Very well. - From this moment, only your you will be able to accede to your computer
It will not operate without your retinal company/signature... your eyes
so, when they show the pump to you...
... it connects your Laptop, determines if she is the true one...
... and tómate sufficient time doing it, so that Wells can unload the codes of the armed one
Unfortunately, there are no codes of disarmament in any of the computers.
Good luck Mr. Haise.
We have visual contact
You will do it well
Everybody knows that it is your first "day of school"
It always lacks the first day of school
You do not worry, already will cause that you take hold the hand to him
I cannot hope to know "the hammer"
And these types must be the toolbox
- We must come, Sir? - No, until we are sure that they brought the pump
There is too much in game
Pretty shelter
Horsemen, we are going to make businesses or we retired?
It depends, Michael... Where there are been in the last 9 days?
I do not believe that that is subject yours
Oh, you are mistaken, concerns much to me... We make a treatment and you disappear
That does not shine well, my friend
I can see that the targets of McKane, are armed
Hold its positions. All, hold their positions
We copied that, Mr..
- We have a problem? - I do not know it, your tell me. We have a problem?
We have it?
Dame the cellular telephone that I gave you previously
You do not worry, I only made calls of collects
- It watches, not in question this, but... - No, you do not know it... so it cállese
Mr. Turner does not know to it either
This cellular telephone has a system of global location
In a while it will say to me where there are been last the 9 days Fantastic, is not asi '?
Good... it seems that been you have occupied. You have occurred the crossed one
- Berlin, Rome, Surich... - and nor a single decent treasure that was by this
And where this the money? Where this the device?
- Near here - and then Since we do this?
It will call them on the cellular telephone And soon you will have 1 hour to bring the money Michael
It will call to you again, and I will say where you must take it to you, you understand?
If, but we will have to run some tests, in order to assure to us if this bringing to us authenticates merchandise
Very just. It would not buy a car without proving it outside the vecindario
- We agree? - If
It will not take money nowhere
- No? - For making the transference of 19 remaining million...
... Mr. Turner and I have a device of authentication, that operates by computer
One of my men will be with You to suggest...
... and You trusted to us to of his...
... to verify that our money this in its account
- and that is everything - we give a hostage You? - Yes, and You. they obtain one
We called to this a small one I deposit of security...
... which each one will have of return, unless everything lies down to lose, or we lose them of Vista
that simple. Now we have an agreement, I I create
In agreement
You you are not going to me to disappear Michael again
Hey, did it very well, Mr. Haise
Wise people who would not bring it, certain?
Standard Procedure. Types as that is not let joder in the first day
And that if they had not had chances "to falsear" the telephone?
Good, we had said to him that the telephones already had been falseados in the main quarters of the company...
... and soon we would have let it in its hands to see that it happened
- I am hungry, that so your? - I believe that I am going to happen, thanks
This good Good night
Ohhh, Michael!
- Hello - Everything returns to its place, eh?
You could, eh..., to pass a towel to me?
Very graceful
I imagined that you would be surprised, but I did not think that you would be shockeado.
- Hey, you want something of the room service? - No, single it will take something
- Oh, devils... it is Nicole - That?
This is not exactly the welcome that hoped
So that, that happens?
- Affection, I made reservations to have supper in another place - Master that place
- Affection these happy for not seeing me? - Yes - Well
Ah... I must take care of that
I will return immediately
- How these? - Good, already you see as I walk
We have a problem
If, already I see. Many people pay enough money by problems like that
That is Nicole. She is the fiancèe of Kevin.., I mean, Michael
It works in the Cnn in Europe
And as they did not say to me that Michael has a fiancèe?
Good, whichever weeks broke one ago back...
... they had a fight and she left
Good, it seems that she forgetfulness... So that demons fought? That demons I must ask to him?
Good, apparently the tapeworm privacy problems. He was distant... went to some class of that triviality of psycotherapy
- Of any way it went for the Balkan Mountains
This good, then what you want that it does?
Llévala to have supper. It is of the Cnn. If you handle badly this, it could spoil your concealment, If?
You do not deceive, single thinks! You do not deceive, single it thinks! You do not deceive, single thinks!
I hope that they are witnesses then
Michael! I hope that you are hungry, baby
If, I only must go to cepillar the teeth to me
Hey, these calling to the residence of Pam, Marvin, July and the children...
... it leaves a message after the tone...
July, I am Jake, these ahi '?
Good, if you have still not gone away, please, espérame
Please, please... I have a new work...
... it is totally I legitimize and I have changed. I have changed totally. I am a new man
I am the man whom it loves to you I love to you, I love so much to you...
... Not even wise whichever it loved to you, until 2 minutes ago
- It is Jake - Affection I am ready to do what is, I am ready for...
- to make some sacrifices... - Affection that is what you this taking as much time?
Great sacrifices
Please espérame, please espérame
Jake, listens to you, listens to each word, baby...
... I will not go nowhere, I will be right aqui '... I love so much to you...
Jake? Hello? Jake?
Then you will cause that it humiliates to me?
No, not unless your you want
It is this fish?
Yes, of course. Your masters the fish
If, that is, loved the fish. But that was before he returned to me vegetarian
Ah... Waiter, waiter... I cannot eat this
- Can bring to me more something...? Some steak to means to cook, please - Of course, Sir
Oh, thank you very much
I thought that eras vegetarian
Vegetarian... He would eat the buttock to me of a pig if they cooked it well
But he is enough of my '... What so those Balkans?
I was strange To You, Michael
Moan to me to have gone
- Which is the problem? - There is somebody more
There is it? When happened that?
Just after you were yourself
It has been leaving you for 2 weeks
I mean... You knew it here in the Prague?
No, in Jersey
New Jersey?
If, it was in New York, and Jersey this next to New York...
... and single I take a trip from a day
Who is she? To that it is dedicated?
He is a AIDS nurse, in the Hospital San Sebastian, its name is July, has waved hair...
I already understand, you want that it falls before in a few stories of which you have to me of return, this good... I will do it
But I am arranged to work for that reason
Nicole... You hurt to me much...
... and I cannot so single dejarte play with my heart, this good?
You hurt to me and I will not return to leave that that returns to happen
The love does not live more here
Michael, never had seen you of this form before
So open, so... so contacted with your feelings
As if really you could haberte enamored with some girl in New Jersey
These but, much more masculine, and vulnerable, and... graceful
- it pleases to You that it is amused? - it enchants verte so to Me amused
It is a "graceful Ja, ja, ja", or a graceful one of badly pleasure?
You see, that is graceful
Your you are not Michael Turner
- Jake brought it of return - If, and they have company
Very well, unámonos to the celebration
- I am Michael - I do not know the one who rays you think that you are, but you are not Michael Turner
We go, you must believe to me, I am Michael
You are not Michael I am Michael
- Who this shooting to us? - Negotiators of antiques
This way down
- it was dealing with decirte l... - but you are not Michael
... good, we have the same DNA, what the same person does to us almost
Agáchate, we go, we go... shhh!
- It smells in here horrible - It is only dirt, shhh!
- Nicole, shhh! Shhh! - You tried to do mofa of me - Shhh!
- Apágalo! - Whereupon, with my buttock?
- It reaches my trousers - Devils, no!
It reaches the trousers of my brother
- God! - Hello
- Mr. Turner - Vass
It calls to me badly at true a moment
That you are doing? It only hangs!
- Cállate - No, your cállate! Your, Shhh!
- I can call it late but? - you do not bother yourself. In the Cemetery All Sony, 2 hours
There is people coming, is people coming!
Veto, vetoes!
It knew that it could not trust Michael
Always so secret, always so furtive
It never said to me at least that it had a brother
Goes investigativa reporter that I am, eh?
This of the businesses of antiques it is only one facade, certain?
They are drug dealers Not even they deny it
I go away direct to the Balkan Mountains where I am out of danger
- You see I said to you that you had to throw a glance - Very delicate
Sir, was men of Duddrugon and Jonish All deads
Good, obvious, they think that you follow alive
Oh, by the way... Vass called
We are seeing us in 2 hours
Oldshee Cemetery While we spoke our agents are assuming their preliminary positions
They will be with you all the way Also we will be it
The Wells official, will place system GPS tracking in the vehicle Unfortunately he is the unique thing that we can handle surely
Vass but will be worried about microphones of which it will be in favor of the arms
You can hope that they review to both, to the car and you
Seill this in way stops to monitorear the slippery tracks
Obvious once you connect the pump to the computer, the process of verification...
... one began to carry out but the soon possible thing
Most important, once that you connect the pump, a signal...
... it will be established by satellite between your computer and the one of Wells here
We will try to rob the codes of activation while your you check the pump
- Then, without the codes they cannot detonate the pump - Certain
We will have to rob them, asi that probably we need ' comprar' some time
The process of completed intelligence this
Once you have the tone, and you are satisfied with which the pump is real...
Vass will give me I number of account, and I will call to Seill and will authorize to that she transfers the money
Once we have the word of Seill...
... I will provide the confirmation with 19 million dollars, to the Bank the International in the Great Tube
They will give to this type 19 million him dollars?
I thought that eras a ready man 19 million!
In fact we would be giving digital dollars them
We are sensible men While we make the transference...
... the bank will be receiving effects of the authorization sequence
They will find that the bottoms are available
He will take 48 hours to them to his bank to find out that the money does not exist
In case something fails, you have east clock
It did not know that to know the hour it could to serve if something as this fault
Oh, what is this?
Hey, hey, hey! Somebody finishes going away with a sweater!
That is a panic button
You press that, and the cavalry conducts battle
Mr. Haise are many people having You
This it is the Cemetery All Sony Almost 2 million people are buried here
- Vass will be trying to say something to us?
If... (It is Vass)
If, it is with me
- Crofeekod-Este Street - Crofeekod-Este Street, people
- He is that one of ours? - One of those of them
Why it sends to which follows to us, if he is he who says to us where we must go?
This following to us to make sure that nobody is following to us more
- and somebody is doing it? - That is what it does so much more amused
They are entering the open field Asegúrate that does not approach too much
Donald this is the Carolina young lady, we advised to take a little from distance
Copied, Carolina
There this the smiling gentleman
Welcome... Its shelters, please
They must be people very trusted, in order to come here single and disarmed
That it makes him think that we are single?
Chohesov Monastery
Kane parachutist, ahead
Very well, we are On guard Sir, we are On guard, outside of the Chonhesov Monastery
Ah, here this... My good friend Michael
Welcome to my Church... Where we will deal with money
Very well, we are beginning
They wanted to watch under the hood? Then, they watch under the hood
Welcome Michael Turner
The retinal company/signature enters
Verifying company/signature
We are in line
To work people
Units of the suitcase
Aipax Mirror
Block of detonation
Warning of Radiation
This is a madness
Only one electrical jump and it flies us to all to hell
Michelle wineglass, I mean, relájate. Relájate Michelle
You do not leave knows it before we have the codes
117 seconds to conclude
As soon as it verifies that his Uranium baffle plate, is a category weapon...
... all we could be happy in way
Uranium baffle plate? This is a reflector of Plutonium
Plutonium...? That is what I meant... Plutonium
Kladno Gasworks - to 72 km of the Prague
60 seconds
Michael why is this taking as much time?
I am making a last test of diagnosis...
... I mean, if not this to as much of these things, does not understand...
... that the traditional controls are not 100 % complete test...
... This completes test was designed...
... by the best nuclear scientist in Kaltec, Dr Dray
30 seconds
Dr Dray, along with the Dr Ervin and professor Green is preparing...
... and the rest of the Uttang Clan, knows that he is better...
... when you have situation of screen of base line...
... to file a calibration of cataclysm...
... something that to us we like to call "the attack surprise"
"the attack surprise"?
Yes, and soon the Dr ÓNeill, of the Angels, formally of Trimming...
Everything what we needed is the codes of activation and disarmament
I know it, but this treating to speak to us in key... So that '?
So that to do it when we are so close, Sir?
I hope that this whole in order, because there is a confusion here
What we are doing now, can help nonsingle a the nuclear energy, but also to the medicine
I believe that everything is in order
Interrupted unloading
The moan, gentleman
- We have the code to change us to the computer of Jake - Yes
This good, we bring it to him, the pump, and the computer in a doublet
Very well, you have the pump Now Where they are my 19 million remaining dollars?
- Yes, Sir - Muéstrenles the money - Copied
(Initiating Transference of Money)
The account number of Vass in Surich
Initiating Transference of Money from the National Bank of the ' Basurá
That man is going to be really gotten upset when it sees that the money is not real
Fantastic! This being!
It enchants to me that the Americans and the Russians can to operate together with Swiss banking accounts
Horsemen I hope to never see them... but
You know some good plegarias?
They proved great anger showing its faces in my church
That is the type that my brother killed, is not asi '?
Michelle..., what demons is doing he aqui '?
Hey, Michelle... I said to you that you did not deal with him
What is happening?
I do not understand it Vass is doubly being betrayed by its own men
We go, dispárenle!
What time is Mr.. Haise?
Red code, Red Code, everybody walking!
Here it is the computer
There this your damn pump
Where it is my money?
You do not remain watching, we go!
Is amusing itself Mr. Haise?
Not him different to the pump, stupid!
You do not shoot either me!
- the pump Runs, runs, takes! - I am going, I am going!
Your you lead!
- more express Leads! - I am doing It, I am doing it!
It is a blood bath, gentleman! Vass and their men are dead
We go, man... You are James Bond! Dispárale to the rims!
- Mantente surrounds - Tírales taxes above!
- Friend, you do your desire - Desire to be able to receive my 90.000
We looked for throughout, Sir... They are not aqui '!
I can see its position with satelite localizer! I assure to him that they are ahi '!
Wait for a minute, you wait, Sir...
... They lost its device of tracking
- What demons you are doing? - What, is not sufficient to try to save our buttock!
Our buttock depends on the suitcase that we took in the back seat
- There is a pump in the back seat! - Yes
We are going to die!
Have a little fé, Mr. Haise!
It would have a little fé, if it armed small to me
- These good? - To 10 o'clock... 10 o'clock!
- It backs down it backs down! - I am trying! Dispárales! Dispárales!
Empújalo, empújalo!
- It backs down, backs down!
Atropéllalo! It runs over the dog son!
Quítate, quítate! It takes an omnibus!
Patéale its buttock!
quítate, quítate!
Golpéalo, you do something! I must lead!
I want to return to Jersey! I want to see my girl!
I want to return to see my favorite equipment!
I am going to hit the car! I am going to hit the damn car!
Hey, the pump is about to to fall!
It backs down! I say to you that you back down!
I am backing down!
It takes hold the pump, takes hold the pump!
- But close - I cannot!
We go, we go, Beam something! I want my money!
I hate to you! I hate to you!
I do not know your '... but I am hungry
Somebody deme the good news
If, it unloaded successful codes of armed of the computer
They still have the computer
Certain, but not the retinal company/signature
Welcome Michael Turner
Denied Access
It returns to try it
Denied Access
Then, obvious they cannot accede without Jake
- When they discover it... - Then, what we do now, Sir?
After assuring to us that the eye of Jake one does not approach the screen of the computer...
- Correct - Incorrect
- Incorrect? - Sir, if somebody viola the law, they could accede to the computer without Jake
Then, basically... -... We must find them before that happens
Good, there is an obvious form to remove them from means!
We suspend it?
No, we put a microphone to him, it takes hold it and we followed it It will take to us towards the pump
Sight, if their eyes get to approach minimumly that computer, we will eliminate all...
... Including it to him It is exactly the order of the president, to find it immediately
Then he is dismissable... He is that what you say?
You need to have the subject on board You can say to him what your you want
- Subject... - Oaks, both we know that it is the only way
- Yes - No. No, it is not happening... No!
They want to me of bait, like a small worm in a hook
They never heard speak of Jake Haise
Not even they know that I exist
Only déjame to return to Jersey, to gather my girl and to disappear
Hey, man... Moan that I am not Kevin...
... But not even Kevin managed to leave this in life
- you would leave mostrarte something Me? - No!
There it is Jersey... and that '?
Well, we watch where your you live, for example...
... Or where July lives, or your adoptive mother...
These people have a nuclear pump, Jake
The last one killed thousands, and when the rarefaction wave comes...
it collapses great and high buildings, tombs, bridges...
... and soon the old friend comes radiation, scattered by rain, the water, the wind...
... affecting the alive ones, and to the small ones to be born
Only I think that perhaps, only your and, let us have small chance to stop it That is everything what I say
They did check, Mr. to us Haise, and... ... I cannot leave do checkmate to me
It watches... Of the form that I see it, you only have three moved:
Attack, retired or blockade
You cannot attack, so that you do not know where they are
Retirarte..., bum!
Then..., we blocked
You can block, but only you have left a piece...
... and he is a laborer
The horsemen wish to see telephone registries of Mr. Turner
The telephone registries of Mr. Turner are sealed
Mr.. Turner made a call to the United States, to the city of Jersey, in New Jersey
Hey... no!... No! We go, we go, we go, we go, we go!
What is what they want? They only take what they want!
Which is its connection with Michael Turner?
I, I... I do not know Michael Turner, I do not know it Who?
- He - That is my fiancè, that Jake
It sold bad tickets to him?
They follow, certain there?
Yes, we followed Mr. Haise here
They have arms, certain?
Yes, we have arms Mr. Haise
This good But, asegúrense to have bullets in them
Many bullets
Answer the telephone, Mr. Haise
Antiques Michael Turner - Jake? - July!
How you found me?
- Michael Turner? - Who speech?
Or it would have to call it Jake, Mr. Haise?
It has only one opportunity to return to see with life this woman
Take the first airplane to New York Return to its department in New Jersey, and hopes to that it calls it
If they follow it, she will die
If she tries to involve some authority, she will die
Only déjame to speak to him
Hello... hello!
- the moan - You knew that it was July... It was your laborer, certain?
- No - Then, all that sweepings of being something greater than your and I in fact it was to be greater than July and I, certain?
You will let to me explain it?
Only súbeme in the damn airplane
You must raise now, now!
We are injecting you spray and soon the transmitter behind the ear
We will hear what your you hear If they take to you towards the pump, we will know it
- You will feel small pinchazo - We go, man! You could not put it in a flower or something?
It would be very obvious
Ready, I will be kind all along... that is everything
- Good luck! - There is something I have decirte...
'... If the situation goes away of the hands...
... they could kill to July and me to us
You do not worry, son... There will be extra money in this mission
First that nothing, I am not your son...
Second that nothing... It did not think that it could be making it single because he is the correct thing?
Hey, I am the one that has the died brother, I am the one that is strange to its girl, and...
... You think that to be spy it is the great thing All woman in the planet is a spy
Boys, You. not even they are able to find to Sadam Husein...
They know...? If they say to them to a woman, right now, to 8 in the morning...
... which he lets to his husband sleep with Sadam Husein, it could find at night to Sadam for the 8...
... and it would say to him: "Sadam Husein, never but you return by my house"
Hey, I did to You a favor to him, well?
You called to me
Now if he returns to me to preach again sometimes, I am going to kick so great to him in the buttock that it will have to use a wheelchair!
But him bond that I acted well, thus I will well also act, dog!
Very well, the show finished Return to the work!
The great American hero That is of speak the women
How you think that they arrived aqui '?
You would be surprised of which they consider air free
We did it? We used its fiancèe?
No, but I am sure that that is what he thinks
- Hello? - Listening carefully...
No, not... your listening carefully
I must hear its voice I want to hear its voice right now!
You are not On guard to make demands Mr. Haise
But if he gives him to please...
No, no, he does not hurt it He tell me what you want
I want that there is a car was of the department to gather them
We will initiate positions here, here and here, to tend the story to them
- By where will leave Jake? - Everything what we can assume is that we will be able to shoot to them from above
Correct, we will move 10 or 20 times before beginning to see that we do not lose them
Very well, we have gray the Ford light truck here Gray a Ford light truck
It would wish that we did not have to do it this way
Good, moan if my plan is not like the perfect procedure that you have come handling the case until now
The radiation from could here affect all the city...
... We needed a device tracking by satellite to guide the monitoring equipment
We needed to speak of the worse scene of the case
We will see if the evacuation took place Whereas the National Guard pending east
National guard, waits for the report
Remain awaiting the first instructions
We will give the report him... Be pending
The light truck stopped in front to the Hospital San Francisco, Sir
Take position
We have 6 points of reading
Where this July? - Shut up
Siéntete like in house
Where this July?
I hope that you are going to play the ball with us
I forget to us
Hey, man... I will not do anything until it does not find to July
That devils were that?
That he happened if we lose to Haise, Sir?
We will follow with the continuation plan
- If, Sir - we cannot take none here chance
Strictly follow each point under my control
If we were mistaken, he dies
Deténganse... I believe that we have something
Attention units... Back down Units back down, back down
here we go
Very well, they are moving All this going according to the plan
Mantén its Oaks distance It can that has been all the day to us
Good, we will see if You are or not Mr. Haise
Sir, I am recovering the signal of Haise
- It sees if you can clarify it - we are doing It, Sir... I am in the power station of communications
It seems that they are going again to Jersey
I already know that demons are doing
Sir, who this doing?
Their eyes are going to activate this computer
The question is... They will continue being in its head?
Where this July?
Oh, she is adorable... And it will follow that way if You cooperate
Open to his eyes Mr.. Haise, and watches in the computer
- It is on its damn awares! - Nooo!
Estan treating to scan its eyes
Jesus Christ! ... The pump is in the light truck
Entretenedores, the light truck this loaded... Muévanse now!
Let us see as it is its interior
Granted access
Sir, is going to undo of Jake... What we are doing?
- That is not Jake - How it knows it? - the light truck takes a decoy
The subject did not have a transmitter behind the head Your beam I calculate
More express! We go!
The subject is demolished
I repeat, Jake Haise is demolished
He is not he The pump is not here
This fact
Thanks I will see you across
You used the password?
- Password? - Hey, I do not speak the terrorist language...
... But single I counted 8 numbers of sequence...
... and they will need the password 7 letters to activate the mechanism
There is no password
The pump already this Navy
- Hello! - Why they took as much... I almost kill somebody
- They armed the pump? - If, the codes were going of permission I must find to July!
Very well, the pump is armed
There is a small mechanism of security of detonation during a short period
- How short? - They must be like 20 minutes
How we go of time? -5 to 10
- They said where was the pump? - no. She not this here
When we find the pump, we will find her
They said something? It only thinks
It tries to remember... We go!
- Rediscado! It was repeating the codes, repeating the codes - Very well, it hopes
Dame the direction of this I number: 431974
I need this direction, they listen, they listen
I need the direction, I need it... I need that direction, already, without delays, already!
- If, Sir... - Very well, this leaving, this leaving - That is, friends!
- I number 89 This, of Street 42 -89 This, Street 42
- They wait for a minute, that is in the central station of trains... - It is to 3 blocks of here
I hope that they obtain it, we will be there in 20 minutes
Leave the way, we go! Leave the way!
Leave the way!
Leave the way!
Muévanse! Muévanse!
Outside the way! Muévanse!
It tries to call to a the equipment from there
We cannot from there, the blocked system this
We go we are only to distance blocks
We must hurry or the city can colapsar
Hope I believe that I have something here
That he was that?
It is a situation of problems of low energy
The suitcase this aligned with the light
Single we can track it in a radius of 100 yards
Then, we are truth there?
- If, but the signal indicates that it is here - Aqui '?
Aqui '? Here, where?
This here, this aqui '... The signal is constant, this in the building, we go!
Leave the way!
The signal this becoming but hard
Company, we needed its aid, we go!
Leave here We go!
Leave the way! Leave the way!
Muévanse, Muévanse, Muévanse!
This way, by aqui '!
By aqui '! We go! Outside the way! We go!
We are approaching
- That is alli '? - the luggage
This week has been terrible...
Quítese of the door!
Jake! It takes the pump, and see aqui '!
Why nontakings you it pump, and I go towards you?
Very well, it will take the pump!
I have it! We go! We go!
Delay, hopes!
- Jake, Jake, where these? - I am going
It is the final phase
3 minutes and this thing it will destroy Manhattan
I need that you help me with the permission codes
You said that when we found the pump, we would find to July
I need that you help me, we go!
Jake, I will find it
These bleeding, man! These bleeding!
Now escúchame, when they scanned your eyes...
... it dresses the codes It tries to remember
When my head listens to the numbers it turned them moved of chess...
... where the king this in guard He is everything what I can remember
Tomato your time... relájate. Your you know the codes
Your you can do it
Very well, Queen to bishop 3, traverse of the squares, section 3 0 4!
Very well, we see. Queen to bishop 3, through the squares, section 1 4 2, 142
Two but to come
Very well, I believe that I have them
You found it?
If you stop the pump she it dies
You do not listen to Jake. If the pump follows ahead, all we died
2 numbers but
You speak as if you knew what is the death
Your country crosses the way, while people throughout the hunger world this dying...
... You they remain in house, watch like the blood in the television is spilled
The war is so single a video game
This pressing to us, Jake It finishes the codes now!
One is conflicts of which You do not know anything
They think that they can say to them to other people as they must live
They are so amiable in playing being God
Now chance is his to know it
- I give 3 seconds You, and it will kill to you - Ahead
One, two
No! It will kill you to you!
I love to you, and I do not say but
Tower to 6 4 Very well... One but, one but!
Good, it is done
That is everything? That is everything what does? Bip. bip, bip
That is everything what we wanted that did
Búsquenlos, ahead!
Fallen the Seill Official this We needed a medico!
- Where this the pump? - Just here
- Mr. Haise I disarm the pump - you do not worry I have to you
Oaks, has been hurt
- I love to You - it is strange to You - I also am strange to you
- I believe that we did it! - If!
That it stars is the one of your brother?
There are no names sucks - Its identity is not revealed, nor even after they have died
... But all are honest just here
Names are written in this book, the families sign it... and soon the paginas are sealed for always
Libro of the forgotten heroes
No, they are not forgotten
- Jake! Thanks to save to me, I must one to you - We followed in contact
Breast, this is from July and mine
I only hope that your life brings a little this a
Ah, knew that you would make me feel proud
Ah, this is... Oh, Good God! 90,000 dollars!
Oh, that, that are not the correct one, suck. This he is yours
This is for when we marry
- Ah... 10,000 is much more which I need - Then devuélvenos a little
Hey, affection, you could accompany to breast until the car?
- I must speak with Oaks - Yes
Congratulations by your commitment
Then I see you in the wedding, certain?
Good bye, Mr. Haise
Ah, already I see Without personal commitments
Three months but late
Congratulations, Mr. Haise
Oaks! It did not respond the invitation Nonwise if it would attend my wedding
I am in a new allocation
Good, if they need the ability a black man, then You. are not the man adapted for the work
An old enemy of Kevin he has escaped of a prison in an island
Watch, does not interest to me if I escape of "Tentation Island"
I will not go to any side, I finish marrying Cannot a brother eat a portion of cake?
The man that I escape is called Carlos Palmeros...
... the world-wide famous assassin
Watch, does not interest to me if he is Carlos Santana, the world-wide famous guitarist
I am tired to happen time between attacks and murders
Good, Kevin was the person in charge of to put it in prison again, the problem is...
... that he thinks that you are Kevin, so this coming behind you
No, no, this this not happening!
This not happening! That is! I finish marrying, I will go away with my wife...
... I will be happy by 2 years, I will be miserable until 90, the right one like any other...
It deceives to you '! It deceives to you '!
Then there is no assassin?
Not... Not still
Then, single wine up to here by my wedding?
Me it would not lose it by anything of the world
It pleases that to me of your and Swanson
No, I will not return to marry, never again
He will never return to marry...
First that he has to learn he is: "you do not take to your fiancèe to a wedding"
It can that needs to call it in the future
It is a flattery of weddings
From us and of the agency
Two tickets to Hawaii!
I cannot accept this, Oaks
Jake, affection... We go!
Its wife this calling, Mr. Haise
He enters car..., dog!
Hey, Oaks!
Never say never
Just married
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