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Subtitles for Babylon 5 1x01 Midnight on the Firing Line.

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Babylon 5 1x01 Midnight on the Firing Line

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Watch Cmdr. Ayla reporting for duty.
You're relieved.
Wait. Picking up disturbance. Trying to get a fix.
Jump point forming in Sector 3.
Great Maker.
Activating mines!
- Notify Centauri Prime. - Fire, fire!
Tell them we're under attack. Tell them it's the...
Garibaldi, have you seen the commander? He's not responding.
- He's in the Observation Dome. - How do you know?
He only turns off his link 10 minutes a day.
When he does, that's where he is.
But why? There's no traffic due. No one's there.
Mr. Garibaldi.
Oh, boy.
Commander, there's a problem.
- All I'm asking is that you trust me. - Trust you?
My brain will be five days dead before I trust a Centauri.
The first time we met you, another civilization... said you ran the entire galaxy. What was it you said? "A huge empire".
- Public relations. - That hasn't been true for 100 years.
Then you say Earth is a lost Centauri tribe, making us distant relatives.
Until we got some Centauri DNA, and find out we're not related at all.
- We're completely different species. - A clerical error.
- Clerical error? - Yes.
We thought your world was Beta 9. It was actually Beta 12.
We made a mistake. I'm sorry. Here, open my wrists.
Centauri don't have arteries in their wrists.
Of course not. Think I'm stupid?
Do you know what your problem is? You're not a people person.
Have you met my diplomatic staff?
Just arrived from the Homeworld. This is it.
- Ambassador? - Yes, Vir, what is it?
Our colony, Ragesh 3, our agricultural colony?
I know what it is. What about it?
It's under attack. No provocation, no warning.
They got through the minefields. They're firing on anything.
Fighters. Wave after wave.
- Who launched the attack? - No one knows.
It was the dawn of the Third Age of mankind...
...10 years after the Earth-Minbari War.
The Babylon Project was a dream given form.
Its goal: to prevent another war by creating a place...
...where humans and aliens could work out their differences.
It's a port of call, home away from home...
...for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers.
Humans and aliens, wrapped in 2,500,000 tons...
...of spinning metal, all alone in the night.
It can be a dangerous place.
But it's our last, best hope for peace.
This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.
The year is 2258.
The name of the place is Babylon 5.
Commander Sinclair, as the representative of the Centauri Republic...
...I demand to know what information your government has about Ragesh 3.
We don't know any more. We only know it was attacked.
- What did Centauri Prime say? - Nothing. I sent three messages.
No answer. No one is talking.
Ambassador, I just heard.
You have my sincere condolences for your losses.
- You know nothing about this attack? - I'm as astonished as you are.
- Tell us about the colony. - There's nothing to tell.
It's an agricultural base. Civilian, 5000 colonists, practically unarmed.
Let's see what our governments know.
We'll call a session of the council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.
What's up?
I'm picking up a long-range distress signal.
I was afraid it was related to Ragesh 3...
...but it's an Earth-registered ship. The signal mentioned Raiders.
I knew they'd be back. I'll check it out. Tell...
We just lost the signal.
- Lt. Commander lvanova? - Yes?
Talia Winters, licensed telepath. Psi Corps rating P5.
I was assigned a few weeks ago.
Tell Fighter Jax to stand by. I want those ships ready to go.
I have to log in with the second in command.
I've tried to reach you, but you were busy. I'm trying the direct approach.
Your diligence is commendable. Anything else?
No, I...
Then excuse me. I'm in the middle of 15 things.
Thank you for coming by.
Delta 7, once we're in range, stay close until we know what's going on.
The race between incumbent Earth Alliance President Luis Santiago...
...and challenger Marie Crane tightens as election day nears.
Polls give Santiago...
...a five-point advantage over Crane.
Fade. Lieutenant commander?
Was there any word from Earth Central on the Centauri problem?
No, and that worries me.
They've had plenty of time, but so far, nothing.
Who do you think attacked? The Narns? The Minbari?
Not the Minbari. They're too honorable to pull something like this.
I'm surprised you describe them that way.
- You fought them during the war. - Well, my father always said...
...the best way to understand someone is to fight him.
That's when you see the real person.
Was he also a pilot?
The best.
The Sinclairs have been pilots since the Battle of Britain.
He taught me everything I know about flying. And combat.
He said to ignore the propaganda, focus on what you see.
I've never seen the Minbari fight dishonorably.
- They'd never pull a sneak attack. - Perhaps.
Any word yet on the election?
It's gonna be close. So, who are you voting for?
I think I'll vote for Marie Crane.
I do not like Santiago. A leader should have a strong chin.
He has no chin, and his vice president has several.
This, to me, is not a good combination.
- Ambassador! - Vir?
There's a coded signal coming from Homeworld.
A relay from the monitoring station from Ragesh 3.
All right, let's see.
Jump point forming in Sector 3.
- Great Maker. - Activating mines!
- All computers are down. - Notify Centauri Prime.
- Who would do this? Why? - We're under attack. It's the...
Reverse image. Hold.
That is a Narn heavy fighter.
That bastard G'Kar. He said he knew nothing of this. G'Kar!
There she is.
Stripped to the bone. Life signs?
Negative. No survivors.
- Check out the blast damage. - Roger.
They had something bigger than standard guns.
We're talking major weaponry here. I don't like it.
- Find the black box and return to base. - Roger.
Ambassador Mollari, please join me. Would you like some spoo? It's fresh.
Fresh, is it?
You bastard. You won't get away with this. We'll strike back hard.
I assume you're referring to our attack on Ragesh 3.
I just found out. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.
What reasonably explains the slaughter of unarmed civilians?
We wondered that when you invaded our world.
The wheel turns, does it not?
We should have wiped you out when we had the chance.
Run out of small children to butcher?
You pig. Animal!
Let him go! If he wants to die, let him.
Listen, ambassador, your time has come and gone!
It's our turn. One night you'll awaken and find our teeth at your throat.
Sleep well, ambassador. Sleep lightly.
I apologize for the incident with G'Kar, commander.
It was a mistake. I will not repeat it.
I will kill him, though. Sooner or later. Somewhere.
My people, we have a way, you see.
We know how, and sometimes even when, we are going to die.
Comes in a dream.
In my dream, I am an old man. It's 20 years from now, and I am dying.
My hands wrapped around someone's throat, and his around mine.
We have squeezed the life out of each other.
The first time I saw G'Kar...
...I recognized him as the one from the dream. It will happen.
In 20 years, we will die with our hands around each other's throats.
Twenty years is long enough for you to come to an understanding.
Believe as you wish.
Twenty years from now, one of us will be wiser and older.
Or one of us will be dead. Who's to say?
Me, I need another drink.
I think we can form a coalition against the Narn attack.
Good. The Narns have to be stopped. Now, while we still can.
Carn would want me to...
Carn is my nephew. He wanted to enter the Centauri military.
I told him it was a waste of his skills.
The truth is, I was afraid for him.
I wanted him someplace safe.
Away from all of this.
So I personally arranged for him to have a higher position... head researcher on Ragesh 3.
Tonight, I don't know if he's alive or dead.
I'm sorry.
I know this is hard for you.
But if this turns into war, you'll give the Narns what they want.
A chance to divide us so they can move in.
There are other ways.
Babylon 5 is here to help keep the peace.
Commander, please.
On the issue of galactic peace...
...I am long past innocence and fast approaching apathy.
It's all a game, a paper fantasy of names and borders.
Only one thing matters, commander. Blood.
It calls out for blood.
If Carn is dead, there will be war.
Today, tomorrow, the day after, it doesn't matter.
If it's the last thing I do, If it's the last breath I take...
...there will be war.
This, I swear to you, commander. This, I swear.
You eat like a starving man.
Seeing death does that to me. There were 15 bodies on that ship.
What's going on? We've got war on Ragesh 3, pirates over here.
The universe is going to hell. You fill in the commander?
Yes. It's the third time in a month Raiders hit a ship here.
- They're bolder. - And more powerful.
The weapons they used are bigger than any they've used before.
- Any idea where they'll hit next? - Not yet.
Transport routes are kept secret to avoid attacks.
- Sounds like there's a leak. - I'm checking.
Good. Keep me informed.
Ambassador Kosh, Commander Sinclair. Can I see you?
Greetings, commander.
You weren't at the council.
I wanted to make sure you knew about the emergency session.
We may need help to push through sanctions.
Does your government have a position on the current situation?
Will you attend the emergency meeting?
They are alone.
They are a dying people. We should let them pass.
Who? The Narn or the Centauri?
Mr. Garibaldi.
You're sitting at my station, using my equipment.
Is there a reason, or should I just snap your hands off at the wrists?
Ships log their flight paths through your console.
I want to see which company sold the routes to those supply ships.
- Do you have any leads? - Possible. Possible.
- Ambassador? - What do you want?
The council meeting. The emergency session.
The council can go to hell, and the emergency session can go to hell.
And you, you can go to hell too.
I wouldn't want you to feel left out.
Londo, why are you doing this?
Because we are a race of lunatics and cowards.
I finally received word from our glorious leaders.
Do you know what that convention of genetic defectives...
...have decided to do about the attack on Ragesh 3?
- Probably they'll... - After full consideration...
...of the situation, the great Centauri Republic...
...the lion of the galaxy...
...will do nothing.
Because Ragesh 3 is too far, too small, too unimportant... risk a confrontation.
And besides, by the time our ships got there...
Besides, by the time our ships got there...
...everyone would be dead anyways.
No, Londo, please. No.
Damn all of them!
Does that mean we cancel the council meeting?
No, listen to me. You will not repeat a word of this.
We have heard nothing. Is that clear?
If we get others to step in...
...perhaps we can embarrass the idiots back home into action. Understand?
If they find out we lied, we're in trouble.
Do you understand?
Absolutely, absolutely understand.
- Destination? - Blue 14.
Mr. Garibaldi, may I ask you a question?
I've tried twice to talk to Lt. Commander lvanova...
...and I don't know if it's me or her, but I can't get through.
I can't imagine what it is I've done to upset her.
Unlike me, she takes time to warm up, especially when she's working.
When she gets off duty at 18:00, she stops by the casino to wind down.
That might be a good time to talk to her.
All right, I'll try it. Thanks.
Afterward, if you like, you can stop by my quarters...
...and I can show you my favorite thing in the universe.
Okay, okay, my second favorite thing in the universe.
I see we have similar habits.
Before going into battle, I also need to walk in the green for a moment.
We've recently managed to restore a few forests on my world.
It was all green, of course, before the Centauri stripped it bare.
And now you plan to return the favor.
Is that it?
I look forward to the day we've cleansed the universe of Centauri...
...and carve their bones into little flutes for Narn children.
It is a dream I have.
Be careful. Not every dream I've heard lately ends well for you.
In our position, you would do the same.
Our two worlds, our two species are more alike than you might think.
We were one of the few who would supply the weapons you needed... your war with the Minbari.
We supported you. You owe us.
Not a chance. You didn't support anyone.
Narns sell to anyone who can afford the credits.
But I'll give you points on one thing. We're alike in one respect.
We have experience with sneak attacks.
Pearl Harbor, the nuking of San Diego, the destruction of our Mars colony.
It's a long and bloody history.
Know what we learned? The sneak attack is the first resort of a coward.
- Just a minute. - You didn't pick a military target.
A poorly-armed civilian colony.
What a challenge that must have been to the Narn military.
What's wrong, ambassador? Don't have the guts for a fair fight?
In another place, I would have you skinned alive for saying that.
You want me, you know where to find me.
See you in council, ambassador.
Commander, we got trouble. I worked out how the Raiders operate.
Shipping companies buy jumpgate access, then sell it.
One company sold routes for the ships that were hit.
Their data crystals blew last month. Flatlined the system.
- Someone cracked their data bank. - Exactly.
One ship hasn't been attacked.
They'll hit it in six hours when it leaves hyperspace.
- Not much time. - No, but here's the tough part.
It's a supply vessel, but it got booked by a refugee export service.
There are 500 men, women and children on that ship.
If the Raiders get there before we do, they're dead.
You have got the entire Senate up in arms. You've exceeded your authority.
If we don't stop the Narn, they'll keep coming.
We must get the council to authorize military intervention.
I am asking you again to delay the vote.
And I'd like to see you when I talk to you.
Do you realize we've got an election in less than 24 hours?
- Colonists are dying there. - That's not the issue.
Wejust came out of one war. Are you trying to start another?
The Earth Alliance isn 't the galaxy's policeman. Let them fight.
Keep us out of it until the election.
If you can 't postpone the meeting, I am authorized by the subcommittee... tell you to abstain.
Earth has to take a neutral position.
But that will damage the Centauri case.
If we pull out, others might do the same.
Not our problem. Those are your instructions. This discussion is over.
Just an update. Delta flight is ready to intercept the Raiders.
I hope they're well-armed. Garibaldi says the Raiders have big guns and...
That might be it. Tell Garibaldi I'm taking his place.
- Should I postpone the meeting? - No. If I'm there...
...I'll have to do something I don't want to.
You can take my place on the council.
It's all on the agenda. Just take the vote.
Any other instructions, commander?
Lots. Unfortunately, I couldn't find you before I left... you never heard Earth Central's orders.
The last you heard, we were voting for sanctions. Clear?
Yes, sir. Clear as crystal.
Preparing for jump. Stay in formation when we come out the other side.
Delta 7, you're my wingman.
Confirmed, Delta leader.
This meeting of the council...
...and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds is called to order.
We are voting on sanctions against the Narn regime.
Our options include planetary blockade...
If it please the council...
I'll remind the council that before the Centauri invaded our sector...
...and began their 100-year reign of terror, Ragesh 3 was a Narn colony.
Now that we are free, it is our right to reclaim it.
We recognize the prior claim.
The reality is that Ragesh 3 has been Centauri property for over a century.
To start a war over blood spilled so long ago...
Where does it end?
You kill them, take their land, they kill you and take it back.
On and on and on. A cycle of hatred.
Justice, not hatred. We have no desire to start a war.
All right, check instrumentation. Keep scanning on all frequencies.
This is the last transfer point.
If the Raiders will hit anywhere, this is it.
Confirmed lock.
High-energy weapons discharge noted at coordinates 520 by 16 by 92.
Locking on.
Magnifying. Confirm sighting.
Full thrusters. Maintain formation until contact, then break and attack.
Our forces came for the peaceful liberation of Ragesh 3.
We did not fire first, and I can prove it.
I direct your attention to the monitors.
We are about to receive a live broadcast from Ragesh 3.
I believe it may clarify the debate.
My name is Carn Mollari.
I am head researcher and project director for the Ragesh 3 colony.
The nephew, I add, of our own esteemed Ambassador Londo Mollari.
In the last six months, there has been violence...
...created by division among colonists.
We asked for help from Centauri Prime. There was no reply.
Faced with chaos and anarchy, the Ragesh 3 Administrative Council...
...asked for assistance from the neighboring Narn regime.
That's not true.
We have chosen of our own free will... ally ourselves with the Narn government.
We will, of course, maintain social and economic ties to Homeworld... the interest of continued peace.
This is Carn Mollari, Ragesh 3...
...signing off.
Don't you understand? Can't you see what they're trying to do?
They forced him to read that statement.
They threatened to kill him. It's a lie!
If you want to talk about lies, what about your lie of omission?
Didn't your world vote against taking action in response to the liberation?
- Yes, but... - Then why ask us to take actions...
...that even your own government considers inappropriate?
This council should not be used to carry out your own personal vendettas.
I move that this council vote... dismiss all charges against the Narn regime.
Is there a second?
Please call the vote.
This is Commander Sinclair of Babylon 5 to raiding party.
Surrender your vessels or be destroyed.
Repeat, surrender or be destroyed.
I assume I can take that as a no.
And cut velocity...
Delta leader, Raiders are breaking off. Do we pursue and attack?
No. The cruiser's hit. We can't leave it.
Deltas 2 through 6 plus 8, escort her back to base.
- Deltas 7 and 9, with me. - Roger, Delta leader.
Activate long-range scanners, wideband search for transmissions.
The Raiders went in the opposite direction.
Which is what I'd do to decoy fighters away from a command and control ship.
Picking up transmissions.
A C & C transport that looks a lot... that.
Blood calls out for blood.
Oh, excuse me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
If you'll excuse me.
Ambassador. Ambassador, no!
- Londo? - Mr. Garibaldi.
- We have to talk. - Excuse me, another time.
What's wrong with now? Have someplace to go?
Mr. Garibaldi, get out of my way.
No, I can't do that.
- Go back to your quarters. - No.
- Don't force me to make this official. - No!
I don't wanna do it...
...but touch a weapon, and I'll kill you where you stand.
- You don't understand. - Yes, I do.
I understand better than you'll ever know.
I know it burns. i know what you wanna do, but this isn't the way.
He's my blood, my nephew.
If you kill G'Kar, no colonists will get out alive. You have to know that.
Well, it seems I'm still on target for my appointment 20 years from now.
- What appointment? - It's a long story.
Perhaps another time.
In one hour, I'll check your quarters for weapons. Make sure I find nothing.
Mr. Garibaldi.
Just now, would you really have killed me?
Yes. Yes, I would have.
But I'm just as glad I didn't have to. The paperwork's a pain in the butt.
I understand there's a problem?
I'm afraid there is, ambassador, and I'm afraid it's you.
We drove the Raiders out of this sector.
But look what I found on the command and control ship.
I wondered where the Raiders got their weapons.
Then I thought of our talk. Narns sell to anyone who can pay.
Just like during the war.
You send an advisor to show weapon operation...
...and to ensure they aren't resold to a third party.
When we disabled the command and control ship...
...we went aboard and found your friend here.
That's not all.
When the ship docked and we went inside, we found these data crystals.
They hold reports between Ragesh 3 and Narn Central Command.
They confirm what Mollari said about the attack on the colony...
...that it was unprovoked. The invitation was made at gunpoint.
You have two choices.
Tell your forces on Ragesh 3 to withdraw...
...or we bring this evidence to the council.
Your choice, ambassador.
This should make Londo a happy man.
Not to mention Earth Central. We did it without sanctions.
- The polls haven't even closed. - I almost forgot to vote. Better go.
Then my second favorite thing in the universe.
- If I find someone to share it with. - Garibaldi, I don't even wanna know.
...incumbent President Luis Santiago leads by 12 percent...
...though outer regions may favor the challenger.
- Here you go, ma'am. - Thank you.
Thank you for your help, the situation with the Centauri ambassador.
It was an accident. I've been trained to block out casual thoughts...
...but when you hit something that powerful...
I understand.
I feel I should explain my behavior earlier. I was rude.
It's all right.
I just wanted to know if it was me.
It's what you represent.
My mother was like you, a telepath.
None of us knew. It was her secret since she was a girl.
She wasn't trained, couldn't use it well.
That's why we have the Psi Corps, to help telepaths.
Bring out their talents to the fullest.
Yes, I imagine that's what they told you.
Were you raised by the Corps?
Here you go.
Then you never had to make the choice.
When they discover what you are, they give you three choices.
You can either join the Psi Corps or go to prison.
Or agree to take certain drugs for the rest of your life.
Drugs that inhibit your abilities.
That's the law.
Unregistered telepaths have to be controlled... protect the privacy of others.
Have you ever seen the results?
They caught my mother on her 35th birthday.
She didn't want to join the Corps, didn't want to go to prison.
So they gave her the treatment.
For 10 years, a man in a gray suit came to the door once a week.
And he gave her the injections.
They were strong. Terribly strong.
Every day we just watched her drift further and further away from us.
The light in her eyes just went out bit by bit.
And when we thought she could go no further...
...she took her own life.
I'm sorry.
What happened back then is not your fault.
But it's part of what you are.
And yet you're as much of a victim as my mother.
I don't feel like a victim.
And so far I cannot tell if that is good or bad.
Perhaps tomorrow we can start out on better terms.
I very much doubt it.
Good night.
The only remaining source is on Planet X, somewhere in this area.
And you want me to find Planet X? Is that it?
Can you do it, Dodgers?
This is my second favorite thing in the universe.
...around outer space like Duck Dodgers... the 24th-and-a-half century.
God, I love this stuff.
Explain this part to me again.
Had the silly thing in reverse.
With 70 percent of the vote tallied...
...we are declaring incumbent President Luis Santiago the victor.
Santiago promised to cut the budget and to keep Earth out of war.
His agenda includes creating a closer relationship with the Mars colony...
...and preserving Earth cultures in the face of growing non-Terran influences.
Lights and good night.
Commander, there's a problem.
Subtitles by SDI Media Group
By: #StarTrek-Central-Italia su Azzurra
Babylon 5 is produced by Babylonian Productions, Inc...
...and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic TV Distribution.
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Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer The
Back To Bataan
Back To The Future 1
Back To The Future 1 (dc)
Back To The Future 1 (hi)
Back To The Future 2
Back To The Future 2 (hi)
Back To The Future 3
Back To The Future 3 (hi)
Back to School (Alan Metter 1986)
Back to the Future II
Back to the Future III
Backfield in Motion
BadBoys TrueStory 2003 CD1
BadBoys TrueStory 2003 CD2
Bad Company
Bad Guy 2001
Bad Santa
Bad Santa (unrated)
Bad Seed The 1956
Bad Timing (Nicolas Roeg 1980)
Bad and the Beautiful The
Badboys II
Baise Moi
Balanta 1992 (The Oak)
Ballad Of A Soldier 1959
Balseros 2002
Bamba La (1987)
Band of Brothers 01 - Currahee
Band of Brothers 02 - Day of Days
Band of Brothers 03 - Carentan
Band of Brothers 04 - Replacements
Band of Brothers 05 - Crossroads
Band of Brothers 06 - Bastogne
Band of Brothers 07 - The Breaking Point
Band of Brothers 08 - The Last Patrol
Band of Brothers 09 - Why We Fight
Band of Brothers 10 - Points
Band of Outsiders
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD1
Bande des quatre La 1988 CD2
Bao biao (1969) - Have sword Chang Cheh
Bao lian deng (1999)
Bar El Chino 2003
Baramui Fighter CD1
Baramui Fighter CD2
Barberella - A Queen Of The Galaxy
Bare Bea 2004
Barefoot Gen 1983
Barrio 1947 25fps
Basara The Princess 1992 CD1
Basara The Princess 1992 CD2
Basic Instinct
Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman
Batman - The Movie
Batman 1989 CD1
Batman 1989 CD2
Batman and Robin
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD1
Batoru Rowaioru II - Requiem (2003) CD2
Batteries Included
Battle Cry CD1
Battle Cry CD2
Battle Hymn 1957
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD1
Battle Royale (2000) Directors Cut CD2
Battle Royale 2 (2003)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD1
Battle of Algiers The (Gillo Pontecorvo 1965) CD2
Battle of Britain CD1
Battle of Britain CD2
Battle of the Bulge CD1
Battle of the Bulge CD2
Battlefield Baseball
Battlefield Earth
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - 33
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Litmus
Battlestar Galactica 01x01 - Water
Battlestar Galactica 01x03 - Bastille Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x04 - Act of Contrition
Battlestar Galactica 01x05 - You Cant Go Home Again
Battlestar Galactica 01x07 - Six Degrees of Seperation
Battlestar Galactica 01x08 - Flesh and Bone
Battlestar Galactica 01x09 - Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down
Battlestar Galactica 01x10 - The Hand of God
Battlestar Galactica 01x11 - Colonial Day
Battlestar Galactica 01x12 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 1
Battlestar Galactica 01x13 - Kobols Last Gleaming Part 2
Baxter 1989
Beach The
Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie
Beast Cops
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms The 1953
Beast Within The
Beast of War The
Beating Of The Butterflys Wings The 2000
Beatles Anthology The Episode1
Beatles Anthology The Episode2
Beatles Anthology The Episode3
Beatles Anthology The Episode4
Beatles Anthology The Episode5
Beatles Anthology The Episode6
Beatles Anthology The Episode7
Beatles Anthology The Episode8
Beatles Anthology The Special Features
Beatles The - A Hard Dayss Night
Beatles The First US Visit The
Beau Pere - Stepfather - Bertrand Blier 1981
Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful Thing
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD1
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD2
Beautiful Troublemaker The (1991) CD3
Beautifull Mind A CD1
Beautifull Mind A CD2
Beauty And The Beast
Beauty and the Beast (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1996)
Bedford Incident The
Bedroom Key The CD1
Bedroom Key The CD2
Before Night Falls 2000 CD1
Before Night Falls 2000 CD2
Before Sunrise
Before Sunset 2004
Beguiled The
Behind Enemy Lines 2001
Behind The Sun (Walter Salles 2001)
Being John Malkovich
Being There (1979) CD1
Being There (1979) CD2
Belle Epoque CD1
Belle Epoque CD2
Belle and La Bete La (1946)
Bellinin And The Spynx CD1
Bellinin And The Spynx CD2
Bells Of St Marys The (1945)
Belly Of The Beast
Belly of an Architect The
Ben-Hur CD1
Ben-Hur CD2
Bend It Like Beckham
Bend of the River 1952
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Benny and Joon
Best years of our lives 1946
Bet on My Disco
Better Off Dead 1985
Better Than Chocolate
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD1
Better Tomorrow 2 A CD2
Better Tomorrow 3 A
Better Way To Die A
Between Heaven and Hell
Beverly Hillbillies The 1993
Beverly Hills Ninja
Beyond Borders CD1
Beyond Borders CD2
Beyond The
Beyond The Clouds
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD1
Bez konca (No End 1985) CD2
Biches Les (Claude Chabrol 1968)
Bicho de sete cabezas
Bichunmoo CD1
Bichunmoo CD2
Big Blue The CD1
Big Blue The CD2
Big Bounce The
Big Chill The
Big Daddy
Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958)
Big Fat Liar
Big Fish 2003
Big Hit The
Big Lebowski The
Big Mommas House
Big Nihgt
Big Shot - A Confessions of a Campus Bookie 2002
Big Sleep The
Big clock The 1948
Big girls dont cry
Biker boyz
Billy Elliot
Billy Madison 1995
Biloxi blues
Bingwoo 2004 CD1
Bingwoo 2004 CD2
Bio Dome
Bio Hunter
Bio Zombie
Bionicle 2 A Legends of Metru-Nui
Bionicle Mask Of Light 2003
Birch Tree Meadow The
Bird People in China The 1998 CD1
Bird People in China The 1998 CD2
Bird on a wire
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD1
Bishops Wife The 1947 CD2
Bite the bullet
Bitter Sugar (Azucar amarga)
Black Angel
Black Sabbath
BlackAdder 1x1 - The Foretelling
BlackAdder 1x2 - Born to be King
BlackAdder 1x3 - The Archbishop
BlackAdder 1x4 - The Queen of Spains Beard
BlackAdder 1x5 - Witchsmeller Pursuivant
BlackAdder 1x6 - The Black Seal
BlackAdder 2x1 - Bells
BlackAdder 2x2 - Head
BlackAdder 2x3 - Potato
BlackAdder 2x4 - Money
BlackAdder 2x5 - Beer
BlackAdder 2x6 - Chains
BlackAdder 4x1 - Captain Cook
BlackAdder 4x2 - Corporal Punishment
BlackAdder 4x3 - Major Star
BlackAdder 4x4 - Private Plane
BlackAdder 4x5 - General Hospital
BlackAdder 4x6 - Goodbyeee
BlackAdder Christmas Carol 1988
BlackAdder The Cavalier Years
BlackAdder the Third 3x1
BlackAdder the Third 3x2
BlackAdder the Third 3x3
BlackAdder the Third 3x4
BlackAdder the Third 3x5
BlackAdder the Third 3x6
Black Adder V - Back and Forth
Black Christmas
Black Hawk Down
Black Mask
Black Mask 2
Black Orpheus
Black Rain CD1
Black Rain CD2
Black Sheep
Black Widow 1987
Black and White (1998)
Blackout The 1997 CD1
Blackout The 1997 CD2
Blade 3 - Trinity
Blade Of Fury
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD1
Blade Runner (1982 Original Cut) CD2
Blade Runner Directors Cut
Blair Witch Project The
Blame It On Rio
Blast From The Past 1999
Blast from the Past
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Sun (1960) CD1
Blazing Sun (1960) CD2
Bless The Child
Blind Beast
Blind Chance (1987) CD1
Blind Chance (1987) CD2
Blind Spot Hitlers Secretary (2002)
Blind date
Blob The 1988
Blood Crime
Blood Wedding (1981)
Blood Work
Blood and Black Lace
Blow 2001 CD1
Blow 2001 CD2
Blow Dry 2001
Blown Away 1994 CD1
Blown Away 1994 CD2
Blue (Derek Jarman)
Blue Car
Blue Collar Comedy Tour The Movie
Blue Max The CD1
Blue Max The CD2
Blue Moon
Blue Planet The 1
Blue Planet The 2 - The Deep
Blue Planet The 3 - Open Ocean
Blue Planet The 4 - Frozen Seas
Blue Spring 2001
Blue Velvet
Blue juice 1995
Blue thunder
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD1
Blues Brothers The (1980) CD2
Blues Harp
Boat Trip - Feedback Overflow
Bob Le Flambeur 1955
Bob Marley Story - Rebel Music
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Body Double
Body Heat
Body The
Boiler Room
Bola El
Bone Collector The
Bonnie and Clyde
Book of Fate The
Book of Pooh The
Boondock Saints The
Boot Das 1981 CD1
Boot Das 1981 CD2
Born Romantic
Boucher Le
Bourne supremacy The-1CD
Boxcar Bertha
Boy Who Saw The Wind The
Boys and Girls
Boyz N the Hood
Branca de Neve
Bread and Roses
Breakfast Club The
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Breakin all the rules
Breaking Away
Bride with White Hair The
Bridge Man The CD1
Bridge Man The CD2
Bright Future
Broadway Danny Rose
Brother (Takeshi Kitano)
Brother Sun Sister Moon 1972
Brother from Another Planet The 1984
Brotherhood Of The Wolf
Brothers The
Buena Estrella La (Lucky Star)
Buffalo Soldiers
Bug 1975
Bugs Bunny - Baseball Bugs (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Big Top Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (1942)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (1944)
Bugs Bunny - Bugs and Thugs (1954)
Bugs Bunny - Bully for Bugs (1953)
Bugs Bunny - Frigid Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny - Haredevil Hare (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Long Haired Hare (1949)
Bugs Bunny - My Bunny Lies Over the Sea (1948)
Bugs Bunny - Rabbits Kin (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Bugs Bunny - Wabbit Twouble (1941)
Bugs Bunny - Water Water Every Hare (1952)
Bugs Bunny - Whats Up Doc (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Fire (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - Rabbit Seasoning (1952)
Bugs Bunny and Elmer - Rabbit of Seville (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Taz - Devil May Hare (1954)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Ballot Box Bunny (1951)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Big House Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam - High Diving Hare (1949)
Bugs Life A
Bullet Ballet
Bullet in the Head
Bulletproof Monk 2003
Bullets Over Broadway
Bully (Unrated Theatrical Edition)
Burning Paradise (Ringo Lam 1994)
Burnt Money
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid A Special Edition
Butchers Wife The